A setting to always insert images as separate paragraphs

In our community, users intend to insert images on a new line most of the time.

However, they cannot understand Markdown image codes, and they get confused about it all the time. They’re on a very low level of computer user skills.

As a result, they end up inserting an image and typing on the same line, just next to it. Or insert an image right after they typed a piece of text.

This looks ugly, and I’m looking for ways to automatically solve the majority of cases by compromising and making it a more confusing for advanced users.

Can we have two settings, or at least one of it?

  1. Always insert an image in a new, separate paragraph.

  2. Always insert a newline (or two newlines, to make up a paragraph) after the image code that was just inserted.

Does it make sense?
Or is there a better idea on how to tackle this problem?


I have seen this confusion on a lot of Discourse sites @eviltrout.


I wonder if this should even be a setting? How often do you want to paste an image without a new paragraph? Perhaps the behaviour should change to always do this.


Yeah I would support that. If @sam agrees let’s change the default to make it so.


Sometimes I like to align images right or left, or insert a bunch of images and resize them to 50% so they look like a pretty photo gallery. In these cases I would not want to have them all in their own paragraph.

Not sure how many people do this or care about this, compare to the known large number of people who get confused by how it works now. Markdown is still confusing to many folks.

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Rare use cases, we should not be optimizing for this, but the common use case.


To add, when you upload multiple images at once (on iOS at least) it inserts them with only a space between them, so I always have to go back to add new lines.


And for a while we did not even add the space!! :scream: