A user is trying to delete the topic that he has created

Hello everyone,

I am new with this Discourse platform and I am trying to discover a little bit more the functions, how it works, etc.

In several occasions, it happened to be contacted by the users because they cannot delete a topic that they have created.

I’ve tried with a normal test account (non-admin) to create a topic and after couple of hours to delete this topic, it worked. Could it be that when the topic is recently created, it is allowed to be deleted, but as soon as is more than 24h, to no longer be able to delete?

There are 2 scenarios:
a) for some of the users, the delete option is not showing at all
b) for other users, the delete option is there, but when they try to delete it comes the message: “You have no permission to delete this topic. If you really want to delete it, …”

Where could I go more precisely in order to check the settings of the category or for the topics directly? I would really appreciate if someone could help me with some hints.

Thank you!

Have a nice day!

In general, users don’t have permission to delete the first post in a topic after someone has replied to it. Deleting the first post deletes the entire topic, so valuable replies could be lost too. That’s why they are told to ask a moderator. The moderator could split the replies to a new topic to keep them if needed.

To be able to delete replies or topics without replies, the user must be able to edit their post. The post is not removed immediately; it is first replaced with a “this post was deleted” text. The settings which control how long users are able to edit their posts are post edit time limit and tl2 post edit time limit.



Thank you for the answer.

Those topics that I am referring to don’t have any reply. They are only tring to delete the topic that they have created and that has no reply.

In my case, with the test account, it worked to delete it, after 3h. I have created another one and wait for longer until I will delete, couple of days, to see if the option is still available and if it will still allow me to delete.

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is 24 hours by default. So it probably won’t work tomorrow.