Prevent users from deleting Topics themselves?


I’m new here and hope I’ve chosen the right category.
Since the update to v2. 4. 0 it is possible for every user to delete his own threads. I don’t think that’s good. Is it possible to set somewhere that nobody but the moderators and administrators can delete complete threads? Anyone should be able to delete their own posts. Just no complete threads.

I’m already thanking you for the answers.

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From personal experience, I’ve seen that they’re only able to delete their own topics it doesn’t have any replies to it; which I feel is fine. It’s a user’s discretion to initially post the topic and show the content to others on the forum. The same goes for posts.

If a topic has people actively replying or has previously replied, they shouldn’t be able to delete the topic, however, I think this is already the case.


Thank you very much for your answer.

That the user can only delete the topic if there is no answer to it was not known to me. I just tried it. As soon as there is a reply, the topic can only be deleted by a moderator or administrator. I think that’s good. Thank you so much for the clarification.

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