A visible mark on the merged posts would be better

When move posts or all topic to another one, it is better to have A visible mark on the merged ones, for now, no mark, no sign, may resulting misunderstanding to the users, or there is already a solution for that?

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Hey yitie :slight_smile:

What would be the purpose of marking the message as merged? Usually, the goal of merging is moving data to another topic to have a single, seamless discussion.

I actually think this is not a bad idea, I’ve had some situations where it would make sense to readers that the post was merged in (sometimes it helps with context, knowing the post was not initially in the current topic).

Something like this from Wikified Posts Component would be perfect imo!



Without knowing which ones has been merged?

Like @MarcP saying, to make the moved/merged posts more visible friendly for the readers, additional there have a ‘time of post’ issue may mislead the new readers or the ones already in the thread.

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Yes, that would be helpful, put a sign on the merged posts to show the readers which one is merged here and from where, it make the thread more naturally.