Request: Add breadcrumb to merge-target topic

We had quite a week last week. A new product release led to a lot (a lot) of error reports in our community. To keep it as tidy as possible for the developers receiving the reports, we merged duplicate reports into the same thread.

What I noticed is that in the merge-source topic, i.e. the one being moved into another thread, there’s a “breadcrumb trail” that shows where it went.

But in the merge-target topic, there’s nothing to indicate that the added posts came from outside.

Why does this matter? Well,

  1. during our flurry of merging last week, I found myself wondering if the users themselves had somehow found the right threads to add their content to, or if their reports were merged after posting
  2. in reading these merge-ee topics, when you come across a brand new actor who’s talking like there’s been no preamble - as if he’s the main character - it’s IMO useful to know that he didn’t put himself into that thread and that when he posted, he really was the main character

I just want to add Indication for Moved posts? to this request


And BTW, I think my expectation here is at least partly fueled by the fact that when you split a post into a new topic, the new topic gets a breadcrumb trail back to the thread it originated from.

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