Ability for a user to propose that a post is the solution to a topic

Our users have been asking if they could “propose” to the original topic poster (and/or moderators) that they think a post is a solution to the topic. Maybe this could be under/by the current solution checkmark button, or maybe under the flag?

Ability to control by trust level would be nice as well.


We have the option accept all solutions trust level that can allow anyone to mark solutions if they’re at the correct trust level, which can help… though I can understand not wanting to grant this power too widely…

It would be nice if flags would work for this, even in their current state the “something else” flag coule be used to say “hey this works for me! maybe it should be marked as the solution!”

Unfortunately I don’t think it would work out that way, even with an explicit “suggest solution” option there… because flags tend to be viewed as “there’s a problem” so I don’t think people would look for the option there. It could also be noisy for moderators trying to prioritize problems like harassment and spam.

I wonder if we could have an option where everyone can see the solution button, but if a user without permission clicks it… maybe some mix of:

  • requires some number of other users to also mark it as the solution before it’s applied (similar to auto-hiding when multiple people flag a post)
  • it ends up in a lower priority queue for moderators to reveiw
  • sends a notification to OP suggesting they mark it as the solution

then we can show the person who clicked “solution” some message like “Thanks! your suggestion is pending review.”


I agree with Kris. On the form im a mod on some TL4s and fellow mods are fine with being messaged to mark a post as solution if they meet requirements.


I really, really like this option because it gives power to those that know. They can post on the topic “@user’s response was the right answer” but of course it doesn’t go in the system as a marked solution.