Mark on original post that topic has been solved

Continuing the discussion from Can multiple replies be marked as the solution?:

As an alternative to marking multiple posts as the solution, or adding an extra “solved” post stating that the topic has been solved, would it be possible to have a tick icon on the original post so that when selected:

  • the topic gets a tick in the topic list; and
  • the original post says “This topic has been solved” (rather than “Solved by x in post #n”)?

Thanks for considering this.

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Isn’t that what this is?

So basically you want to allow “mark as solution” on the first post ?

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Yes to both questions :slight_smile:

I have had folks edit their first post with the solution they figured out themselves rather than making a reply and marking that as solved. So this seems like a good idea

I have the same request: how can I mark a one-post topic as solved, for example the category About post? We’re trying to reach “Inbox zero” on our Support category, and that topic looks unanswered.

It would be better if the unanswered filter would just skip pinned posts. In your case

.topic-list-item:not(.status-solved).pinned {
  background: inherit;
  .topic-status svg {
    display: none;

would do most of the trick by removing the background color and hiding the empty checkbox for all pinned topics.


Thanks, that works great for non-staff member! Staff members see the topic as unpinned for them, so the pinned class isn’t there on the <tr>