Solution button is easy to press by mistake when liking a post

I frequently bump the solution button by mistake on mobile when I’m just trying to like/view likes for a post. Perhaps a little more spacing here would be good for fat fingering?


This is a significant bugbear of mine. :slight_smile: I would very much like to put it back under the options.

Just to clarify - there was a recent-ish change to start showing the ‘mark as solved’ option outside of the menu for everyone who has the ability to mark a solution as opposed to only the OP. This is default TL4+, but can be configurable to more people using the accept all solutions trust level plugin setting.


Can those responding note if the have TL4+ rights or not. The reason being that many may not be aware that some users can mark a solution as solved even if they are not the OP of the topic. So they may read this and think that we are marking our own solutions as solved and have this problem. In fact the problem is that the solved button is on every post for us and thus easy to fat finger.

As noted later this is configurable but set to TL4 as a default.

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Certainly, I both cause this on my own posts where solutions are available, and on others posts where I’m TL4 and there are solutions. (Side note: I think that’s a configurable setting, so it’s likely not TL4+ on all instances)





Previously there was sentiment in favor of making the solution button more prominent. See the discussion Post action button “Solution” hidden behind ellipsis. So there seems to be a matter of balancing competing concerns. How do we encourage its use, when appropriate, without having it get used by mistake?

One options, which I don’t see being done soon, would be to enhance the Discourse AI bot to identify such post and DM the user about the accept solution button. image

Can a user unmark a solution by clicking the button again after having marked it by mistake? We all probably know that such is the case with the like button.

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You certainly can, but that requires that you notice that you mark the solution by mistake. (I’ve personally had at least once where I didn’t notice, and a different TL4 pinged me to ask about the solution on a random topic (which… I marked by mistake and didn’t notice))


So, that’s only a partial remedy. I need to be reminded - when one marks a solution, does any prominent message get displayed that acknowledges that a solution has just gotten marked, one that is prominent enough that it will get noticed?

The OP gets a notification, and the user who got the solution (assuming that you didn’t mark your own post) gets a notification as well.

If one unmarks a solution, either immediately or later on, is there also a prominent notification of that action? We need to avoid accidental unmarking of solutions, as well as accidental changing of which post is marked as a solution.

IIRC, there is no notification for un-marking a solution.

Hmmm, that can lead to some mishaps.

I feel this topic has become quite chatty, which may cloud its usefulness. I think if you’re unfamiliar with the current ux you may want to spin up a test site and have an explore before adding any insights. This way you can participate from a position of experience. :pray:

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