Ability for staff to apply per-topic time outs to specific users

One of the worse nightmares of a moderator is when a topic gets heated and users go way off topic, not corresponding to the main post. There are different ways to handle this situation but it always become unfair to the users who are willing to discuss in a peaceful manner. For instance:

Flagging Feature

Especially when your flag counts a lot, it may result in the spammers post to become blurred. I know, moderators and staff can manually remove those comments but what if these members keep posting and posting without following the guidelines? I know the answer… the topic should get closed. That’s when it becomes unfair to the aforementioned users. Why would one have to wait for some time to be able to post, when a specific group doesn’t want to comply with the rules or they are in a bad mood? Of course, this can be dealt with warnings and bans, but I believe there should be an easier way than that. That’s why I am proposing a system, where the site moderators and admins will have the ability to call a timeout and have users take a deep breath & come back later.

Topic “Time Out” for specific users

This action will allow mods / admins to stop (or even prevent) a discussion from becoming a mess. To be more specific, if a user gets a timeout, each time they will try to post a new reply, they will receive a friendly notice with the message:

Mhhh, we appreciate your willingness to respond but we believe your precious posts doesn’t match the OP’s topic. You will be allowed to reply again in [time out - time decided by the assigned moderator)

This will save many clicks and it will work as a quick and effective countermeasure even against trolls.


I really agree with this i am active in a few discourse communities and think this would be a great idea

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A great idea I believe. This will definitely help mods instead of closing a topic or issuing bans.


This … is already possible. Feature already exists. Suspend the user for a specific time interval.

The granularity of timeframes offered goes from “forever” to “a few hours” depending on your tastes:

There are also topic level tools, such as temporarily closing the topic for a certain time, or putting the topic in slow mode.


Suspending a user will ban them from the entire community for some time. What I am proposing will just suspend them for a certain period from a specific topic.

Closing and setting slow mode are the things I was referring to as unfair actions. Why should the entire community not be allowed to post, when only 2-3 guys aren’t in a good or didn’t understand the purpose of the topic?


OK, I’ve edited your topic title to make that feature request more clear :wink:


Yup, looking good now! :sunglasses:

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