Allow users to lock, unlist, and delete their own topics

Ok. i know this is WAY too similar to an old suggestion.
You can lock, unlist, make private and delete YOUR topics. because that way if a thread gets out of hand WAY out of hand, you can use whichever one as you see fit. Only if it is unneeded arguing, swearing, stuff of that sort. but ONLY for regulars! ~IWantmoreLBSG
I don’t know if we are able to allow this or not. Just want to put this out there.

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P.S. That was my post. i am IWantmoreLBSG @

This has been discussed multiple times, and people prefer to keep moderation for moderators. Letting people do *bait and switch` isn’t good for discussions.

Also, TL4 already have this access.

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Yes but what if no one with TL4 or FM aren’t online? and look at the poll on the first post. way more positive votes then negative!

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Ok, I am a moderator so that’s no problem for me :upside_down_face: But could we/you allow users to do thy? At least lock their own topics? Can we do this ourselves or do you need to do this?


at LEAST lock? please???

If the forum doesn’t have enough staff users, they should remedy that first.


How about just lock their own topic. Regulars only though. Just lock.

Ok drop it, everyone can delete their own topic.

It is a bad idea. The potential for damage and cruelty is huge – just create a topic that says “user X sucks”, the delete it before any mods see it. Start a topic, then close it on a whim. So on, so forth.


Hmm sorry didn’t know about the category and the title. This was not my idea. @IWantmoreLBSG1 was having troubles with his gmail so I posed it for him.

One use case for people locking their own topics is in a category used for selling stuff. People want to be able to lock the topic once the item has been sold. Currently they have to flag the topic and a moderator spends half an hour per day closing everyhing that needs to be closed.

I think that’d be better as a plugin as there may be other buying/selling needs.


I agree with Jeff., bad idea.
Why the author of the topic can lock their own topic?
Think about it.
Someone open a discussion, and 30 min after he decides close it, and I want to say something in that discussion :neutral_face:

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There is always the “Flag Moderator” option and contact email address.

If a member later regrets making a certain post they can always plead their case.


Or they can delete it so it is not visible. Basically delete the topic and change the title.

We have 20 staff users (system and two inactive people who are staff of our cooperation included)

Because if swearing starts or something and there are no staff online the author can lock it until a mod that came on decides what to do.

like @zombieslayer124 said

Community flags will already do this.