"Cool Down" Feature for Mods!


(Charlie) #1

Hi! I was wondering if maybe moderators could have a “calm down time” sort of feature to use.

Not banning or suspending users, and therefore not affecting them in the future. Just not letting them post like flag e,t,c for a couple hours to help mods defuse a situation in an orderly manner. Maybe even an automated PM reminding them to remain respectful and rather than replying to anything just contact a Mod…

Something like that… :slight_smile: :wink:

Is it a good idea to restrict posting to controversial topics?
(Daniel M ) #2

Even better would be if a mod can stop a user from posting on a specific topic for an amount of time, without closing it for everyone (and it would automatically unlock after that time)

(Charlie) #3

Yep, That’s a great idea! :slight_smile: :wink:

There could also be a trust level which Mods can put users on, which means they have to have any of their posts approved. This would be a good deterrent for continous trouble makers! :slight_smile: :wink:

(mountain) #4

This sounds like “read-only” mode, where it fully mutes a user or users from doing anything, but they can still browse the forum. I know SMF has this feature and I have used it before to good effect.

(Charlie) #5

Oh does this already exist?

(mountain) #6

Built into the core of other board software, yes.

(Stephanie) #7

Some of that functionality exists. You can require posts to be approved by any users below a certain trust level, and lock someone’s trust level below that threshold when they cause trouble.

(Mittineague) #8

Currently you can Suspend from 1 to 99999 days.

You feel 1 day is too long for a cool down?

(mountain) #9

What does suspend do? Does it revoke all access to the forum? I think @BBJMAX instead wants a user to be able to browse/read but not be able to interact in any way.

(Mittineague) #10

A Suspended member can not log in i.e. = anon read-only

(mountain) #11

Thank you for the clarification. Now it depends on if @BBJMAX has private categories that an anon (a user not logged in) cannot see, but he wants them to see, only not interact or add/reply to it in any way.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

The block feature works as described. We don’t use it very much, right now it only kicks in for spammers who post the same links over and over.

(Charlie) #13

But, Then All on a certain trust level have to have posts approved…I mean an ability to make it user specific! :slight_smile:

(Charlie) #14

Yes But-They may have messages a mod wants them to see and take into consoderation before they come back! :slight_smile: :wink:

(Mittineague) #15

There is some misunderstanding somewhere. Suspensions are per user, not per trust level.

(Charlie) #16

Sorry, that reply was meant for @AmiAthena :slight_smile:

(Kane York) #17

Suspensions are a bit of a nuclear option right now, though… and if they don’t visit during the suspension, they’re just logged out with no indication of what happened (except for maybe a moderator PM when they sign back in).

A bit of UI design around Block (change it to “Posting Block”?) might make it usable again, maybe with an expiry time.

(Mittineague) #18

IMHO a Message is almost always in order (exception being SPAM)

I know of no way to manually Block an account. I thought it was a System auto thing.

But yes, allowing a member to log in but not “create” for a short auto-expiring amount of time could work, especially if reading the Message was required.

(Kane York) #19

There used to be a way to enable it on the admin user page, but it was removed for being too confusing.

(Mittineague) #20

I can see how something like that could be useful, (but maybe hours, not days like Suspend).

A less harsh disciplining action

Any easy way to tie it to a “viewed_related_message” lifting?