Ability to change the email prefix

(Dave Stephens) #1

I’d like to see the ability to be able to change the suffix that gets sent out on emails. The name of my site is quite long (“Odyssey Residents Association”), and as such, emails are prefixed:

[Odyssey Residents Association] email subject here

When you then view a list of emails in your inbox, a large proportion of the subject line is taken up with the name of the site. It’d be nice to be able to change this to something shorter (similar to mailman!), so I could end up with something like:

[OdysseyRA] email subject here

It would hopefully be a simple addition of another setting, which is then read in when email notifications are generated.

Thanks for reading :smile:

(Admir Hodzic) #2

Am I right ?

(Dave Stephens) #3

Umm…yep. How did I not find that when I was looking through the settings earlier?!

Now I feel stupid, but thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #4