Mail subject prefix different from category name possible?

We migrated our community from a lot of Mailinglsts to discourse. To keep the effort for the list members as small as possible, we named the catagories after the former lists. i.e. a list named “militaer-l” became the catagory “militaer-l”. To keep the mail users satisfied and not have to change their filter settings. The mail subject contains {optional_cat} as a prefix. Everyone was happy.

Now we face the wish of new members, or members which never used the mailinglists, to change the name of catagories to more easy and readable ones. For example to change the name of the categorie “militaer-l” to “Militär”. If we do so, mail subjetct would start with [Militär], not [militaer-l]. Is there a way to change category names without changeing the mail subject?

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