Ability to disable versioning for specific topics / posts

Hi guys,

I have several topics and posts, I‘m regularly refreshing with new information, e.g. with link lists and table of contents. In my point of view, there is absolutely no need for a version history.

It would be helpful, to keep the db more clean and less irritating, especially in case if others have access to the version history. Or in case, the changes are so small (e.g. spell correction), that any copy of the text would be a total waste of disk space.

Is there any possibility to disable this behavior for specific topics and posts?


I don’t see the point. You would use more space in uploading virtually any images than generating 1000s of revisions…

Plus, we don’t always generate a new revision (related search terms: edit window / grace period).

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It’s not about attachments / image uploads. It’s about a clean version history without duplication and distracting information. It‘s not nessesary to save hunderes of words again, just in case, if I add a new line or correct some characters.

By the way: The image uploads are only relevant in rare cases (a lot of math formula and complex diagrams). The MathJax implementation has a big disadvantage: I can’t adjust the arrangement of multiple lines and size. Thats only possible due real LaTeX typesetting…

So delete the versions you don’t want seen when you complete your revisions.

@Zogstrip is right, the markdown in posts is stored in plaintext. You can revise entire books and it won’t make any real difference to storage.

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How is this related to the current topic? :thinking:

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You‘ve mentioned images. I just thought, it was a allusion to this post and example

Nope, I actually had not seen that image behind the <details>.

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How? Can’t find this option. Just to hide and revert…

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If you hide them from the revision history, others can’t see them.

But I’d like to delete this version for ever.

Imagine the case, someone accidentally saves private / confidential information. I don’t want this data somewhere in the back-end / db. #PrivacyByDefault

That is a completely different topic, try searching, it’s been covered before.