Ability to discuss on top of a flag?

I have been using Discourse for almost 2 years, it works great to me so far. Many thanks to the development team :heart:

Recently we have more and more replies that are low quality or bad/hateful/inappropriate. I have encouraged the members to flag whenever they think a post/reply isn’t fit to our forum.

However, it turned out that many members flagged it wrongly, for example a topic should be flagged as inappropriate but they flagged it as spam.

Should we have the ability to reply on top of the flag and then discuss with the reporter to understand the reason why he or she flagged the topic in the first place?

And even better if we have the ability to correct the original flag type. For example change the flag from spam to inappropriate. However, this feature should be on another topic.


Hmm, can’t you just click on the avatar and start a PM with the user, I know it is not ideal cause the text “this is about X flag” is not auto filled in, but the action:

“Let’s take a break and talk about all your really bad flags”

Is actually quite rare.

It’s not true in my case, I feel like half of the flags are wrong. Most of of the posts flagged as spam are actually inappropriate/off-topic posts.

Since spam flags are treated very seriously by Discourse, I can’t agree with those flags but have to defer or disagree it. It leads to another problem, my members will find that I actually don’t care of their flags but I can’t tell them why I disagree or defer it in an easy way.

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I would start a meta topic on your community about appropriate use of spam flags. It should be a public topic with examples (hypothetical examples, not real ones) of what is spam and what is not. You could also cover other flag reasons.

Software cannot solve an education issue… but public conversations can.


Thank you for your suggestion, totally agree with you.