Ability to limit certain groups from mentioning members of other groups

What would you like done?

One of our forum instances involve participation from different groups of members, where certain groups host people who attract a lot of public attention (let’s call them celebrities) communicating with others when they want to (Q&A, discussions, and so on).

We have already provided a way for them to be limited from excessive spam by prohibiting communicating with these people via PM, thanks to guys from Communiteq back in '21 ([PAID] Group to Group permissions to send private messages to target Group members), but now we would like to apply the same logic to mentionables.

Settings for such plugin should cover:

  • A: Groups which should be protected from being mentioned by others
  • B: Groups which are allowed to mention groups from (A)

If conditions are not met upon posting (when user is not eligible to mention user(s) from specific groups), appropriate composer notice/warning should be displayed.

When do you need it done?

We’re flexible in terms of time frame.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I believe $150-200 could cover such function, but we’re open to discussing the quote with any developers.

Requirements for qualification

You should have at least some activity at meta.discourse.org in order to suggest yourselves as possible contractor. In case you’re new to Discourse Meta, please attach your portfolio links or/and something we could verify you as a credible developer/team.

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