Can I allow groups to be mentioned by other groups?

Hi all, I’ve tried searching but due to the nature of the search words repeating I can’t seem to find an answer.

When I create or edit a group, I have the option of restricting @ mentions of the group to:

Who can @mention this group?

  • Nobody
  • Only admins
  • Only moderators and Admins
  • Only group members, moderators and admins
  • Only group owners, moderators and admins
  • Everyone

Is there a way I can either add an option to this list, as follows:

  • Only members of these groups, groups members, moderators and admins

with a selection box where I can pick another group from the list of groups.


Add a sub option to “Who can @mention this group?” where I can select select any of the normal options with a checkbox:
Also allow members of these groups:
with a selection box where I can pick another group from the list of groups.

For my use case, here’s an example,

I have two groups named @chair-people and @committee-members
I want to restrict @ mentions to @chair-people to only those people who are in the @chair-people and @committee-members group.

If there’s no way to do this automatically, or no plugin available already, I don’t mind having an attempt at creating one (I’m a developer who normally programs in PHP or C#), but would need some pointers of where to get started.

Many thanks


No this is not possible. This can be a feature though


You would need a plugin. I’m not aware of an example that’s a good place to start. There’s a repo called “all-the-plugins” you can search through. There are a set of topics about plugin development.


Thanks @not-ethan and @pfaffman :slight_smile:

When I get some time I’ll see if I can create a plugin, and failing that will put in a feature request.

Many thanks


I asked for this a long time ago when in a different role. It seems like it might be possible but it is potentially complicated. Needs mock-ups.


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