[PAID] Group to Group permissions to send private messages to target Group members

In our community we need an ability to limit certain group of users from receiving PM’s from all users except those, who are members of privileged group.

For future reference:

  • Let’s call a group of users, who can only receive the private messages from certain groups as “Protected” group of users.
  • Let’s call a group of users, who are allowed to send PM’s to “Protected” users as “Privileged” group of users.

I tried looking up to the existing plugin but couldn’t find any. We believe this would be interesting to many other communities for their specific reasons and, if this plugin development would be possible, we will release it to open repository.

Possible caveats:

  • What if Protected user, who belongs to the Protected group decides to PM other user, who does not belong to the Privileged group(s)? We believe such user should receive the PM, but should not be able to reply to it unless he joins the Privileged group required to be able to send PMs to Protected group.

We are looking for developer who will be able to develop such plugin. Please let us know if we may be any help providing more information. We would also be glad if anybody joins this request, helping us making comprehensive requirements for future plugin.


That should be relatively easy to do - I can build this for you, send me a PM for details.


Hi @kinetiksoft
I am interested to take this up. Sending you a PM


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