Ability to modify user email settings for group

It would be REALLY useful if there was a way to change certain default settings for groups of users.

I have a number of ‘Absent Friends’ who are those members who joined some months ago and either never re-visited or did for a while but then stopped.

I have the default setting for community Activity Summary emails set to 3-days as a general rule because I think this is a good balance for members who may use the site irregularly but are engaged.

However, if you do not visit at all, then you very quickly accumulate a very large volume of emails from a community that you are not engaged with, and therefore you are pushed into unsubscribing entirely (since you are probably not aware of, or interested in, editing your preferences).

It would be better for me to either switch long term Absent Friends to a weekly or monthly reminder, or to switch them to a different mailer entirely aimed at engaging them with the community as a whole rather than with specific threads.

Does anyone have any ideas for a work-around that does not involve me impersonating each member individually to make these changes? Do you agree it would be a useful tool for Community Managers?

You can do it at the rails console. See Bulk suspend users based on criteria for something similar.


sadly I am not technical - I have no Rails knowledge and extremely limited SQL

I would need an admin tool / button / interface

Then you’d need a plugin or to do it via the API. Do you want to do it on-demand, or have it happen automatically periodically?

Are you self-hosted or using a hosting service? (I.e., are plugins an option?)

It’s not up to me, but his doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that’ll make it into core any time soon. Do you have a budget?

Thanks - yes, I assumed it might be this. There is no rush - it is more of a “wish list” which could have gone in Features but I posted to Community to see if others felt, like me, that it might be a useful ability to improve engagement (or avoid disengagement) with users

We are hosted with DiscourseHosting and can add plugins, so it could be do-able. In fact I’m looking to get someone to help with some customisation which is probably just CSS, but maybe this could be added to the mix

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I might be able to help. My contact info is in my profile.