Ability to remove "in reply to" when editing posts

While using the http://discuss.atom.io/ instance of Discourse, I was reading through a topic. I thought I had reached the end and I wanted to reply to the topic as a whole. I hit the “Reply” button at (what I thought was) the bottom of the page. I quickly typed out my short reply and posted it. It wasn’t until then that I noticed I actually clicked a “Reply” button on someone’s specific post, not the topic as a whole. I tried to edit the post to remove the “in reply to” but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I ended up deleting my original reply and creating a new one, using the correct button this time. When I went to post that reply (which I had just copied and pasted), I got the message “Body is too similar to what you recently posted.”! I had to add an extra sentence at the end just to get around this.

I would like to see a feature added to allow us to change the “in reply to” of posts after they are posted, or remove it all together. If this feature does exist, I could not figure out how to do it, so maybe it could use some UI improvement to be more intuitive?

Two solutions:

  1. Copy out the content, click cancel, click the correct reply button, paste it in.

  2. Click the correct reply button and the reply metadata changes in the editor automatically.

Try it yourself on http://try.discourse.org – click/tap reply on an individual post, type some stuff in the editor, then scroll down and click/tap reply at the bottom of the topic.