Ability to require tags on new posts and ban certain tags

We’ve recently started using discourse for three.js and we have decided to go for a minimum number if categories and use tags for filtering posts.

The problem is getting users to use useful tags. It would be helpful if there was a way to require that all posts have at least one tag.

Related to this, it would also be great to be able to ban certain tags. For example, the tag ‘webgl’ gets used a lot on our site, but since the whole site is focused on WebGl around 95% of all posts are related to this and the tag is pretty much meaningless. So preventing this tag would reduce moderator workload.


Awesome stuff, three.js is a really fantastic project!

I’m not sure about requiring a tag on posts, but I do like the idea of blacklisting certain tags. Although I do wonder how that would work in a way that wouldn’t frustrate the user? Users really hate being told “oh you can’t do that.” We could silently strip those tags but then users might be confused as to why the tag didn’t go through.

That’s a huge problem. You have to train every user. Perhaps you can increase the number of level 3 users who can also change tags.

I don’t think there’s a way to ban a tag; the easiest solution would be to ignore that tag.

Just add webgl to the list of staff tags, so normal users can’t use it.


At some point you might want to limit who can create tags using the min trust to create tag setting, and start deleting the useless ones.


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