How to force a user to specify at least 1 tag?

How to force user to specify at least 1 tag?

There is no facility to do this, because tags are entirely secondary to categories – and with good reason, too. Some people (read: “enough to be a problem”) have trouble choosing a category from a drop-down list, and you expect them to come up with a primary tag from free-text input? You get all the problems of the tyranny of choice plus all the problems of computer-interpreted free text entry.


I’m very interested in this feature, we have pre-defined tags and would like to force users to choose at least one of them in a specific category. Could this be done?

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I’m currently aware of 3 separate use cases for this requirement now (all current Discourse clients). More community structures are becoming reliant on tagging.

I’d love to see an optional setting to enforce tagging for new topics (from a dd-list of existing tags that are associated with the category).

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