Able to take a 30-min 1:1?

This is probably too hands on, but is anyone at Discourse able to take a 30-min 1:1 with me to review my setup and talk me through some of the most valuable customizations? I basically want to make sure I’m taking advantage of Discourses’ most powerful features off the hop + talk through some questions I have about its metrics?

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We don’t offer phone support, but you can get help from the Discourse team by sending an email to the support address that is given on your site’s admin dashboard.

You can also get lots of support through this forum. If you ask your questions about metrics here, people will be able to respond in writing. There may well be members of our public forum who would be willing to have a 1 on 1 call with you, but if you don’t get a response, please contact our support team, or write out your questions here.


Yeah that’s a very strong “meta-aspect” of Discourse.
The community is skilled and willing to help as long as you ask precise, detailed questions and provide examples. And also, use the search feature :stuck_out_tongue:
That said I don’t know how does the support of Discourse hosting extends and I’m speaking as a self-hosted user that have asked many questions here.


I what you really want is phone support from someone who can help you figure out what you’re trying to ask you can post in #marketplace. (There are many of us who make our living doing Discourse things that CDCK doesn’t do.) When you’re just getting started it’s sometimes hard to figure out what the questions are.


Discourse being extendable via plugins, and customizable themes and theme components make this a very powerful platform.

Knowing what your idea model can help a lot in reccommending components that may fit what your looking to be able to accomplish.