[free] I'll help you to install Discourse

If you need help and hands-on to install Discourse on your own VPS, happy to help.

I can help you:

  • deciding which hosting alternative is more convenient to your goals.
  • configuring email push services.
  • configure domain, dns and secure your VPS for normal usage.

It’s free. I’ve been using Discourse a lot internally on different organizations and I’m willing to help.

Send me PM to start a conversation.



Thanks for the offer - good of you.

I think I spoke to you some years ago about getting a Discourse meetup going in Madrid. For the last year or so I’ve been busy with other projects so I didn’t pay much attention to Discourse. I’ve just returned to it and would be interested in participating if there is indeed some sort of Discourse user group in Madrid.


Yes! we spoken before. Glad to meet you again :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m not planning another Discourse meeting in Madrid, but would be great to find more people involved and willing to meet here.


Cool, hope our paths cross again soon :wink:


Did someone mention Madrid? Count on me :wink:


Hey new to discourse and not seeing where to send a PM at? I have a few questions if you could help with.

Edit: Guess account was too new. Sent a PM. Thanks!

Hi! PM up and right. Click the avatar. Click the email icon. Cheers.

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