About Category Auto-Created Topic - Sitewide Options

When a new category is created, the ‘About the _ Category’ topic is auto-created. I think it would be a nice addition to add some sitewide settings to configure the auto-creation. Some ideas below:

category about topic auto close: Y/N (Default Y)

I think in most scenarios, it’s not ideal to allow comments on the about category topic. It can result in a megathread in some cases. Some good solutions are either closing the topic, or having comments auto-delete after a period. Auto-closing I think would be a safe default.

category about topic auto unlist: Y/N (Default N)

Auto unlisting these topics would be a nice option also, disabled by default. It can be useful for sites that use theme components that don’t require the about category topics to be visible. Such as: Discourse Category Banners

Also for scenarios when the about category topic isn’t very necessary for users as the category quite self-explanatory. I believe the description would still be used for the meta-description for search engines, but can be unlisted for users.

category about topic creation username:

Assign a user for the auto-creation of the about category topics. E.g. a specified admin, mod or the system user. This could be good for consistency on some forums.

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