Default "About" topics not showing up in /latest

The “About” a category topic that is auto-generated does not show up in /latest on my site. By default this seems fine, but when a post is added to one of these topics I’d like to see them show up in /latest. Is there a setting I’m overlooking or is the behavior I’m looking for not possible?

Yes, I tested this on my own self-hosted Discourse site and it looks like you are correct. Replying to the “about this {category}” topic does not bump the topic into latest.

I checked in anonymous and logged in user mode and confirmed, the “about this {category}” topic is not bumped to latest on new reply in either case.

I can’t quite recall why that would be… perhaps because it is a pinned topic that has become unpinned on read to end? :thinking:

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FWIW, it still does show up at the top of the specific category’s view. So it’s just… hidden from /latest. When going through category and topic settings I saw nothing obviously different in the “About” topic than any other topic.

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Ah yes thank you. So it’s intentional, by design. It bumps itself within the category but not globally.

Right. I guess it would be cool if that was a setting I could modify? Some indicator in the topic settings that this is topic is “special” would be good too. I use those topics as a combined ‘meta’ and ‘general’ for the category, but maybe this isn’t the best practice?

Sorry, just for clarity: would you recommend not using these auto-generated topics if I want them to show up in /latest or is there a possibility of a change here?