About category banner visible only when logged out

For some reason, when the account is logged off, the About Category banner is visible.

I just discovered this because I had logged out, it was not visible when logged in.

It looks like you’ve pinned an About topic as a banner (and will have dismissed it on your own account, so can no longer see it).

If you know which one it is you can Unpin it from its topic wrench. But you could also just pin another to replace it and then unpin that one straightaway to clear them off. :+1:

So i opened 2 windows.
Window 1 = Admin Login
Window 2 = Incognito, log off

I see that the same default About topic appears pinned when logged off. In reality, it is marked unpinned.

That’s actually slightly separate to the topic being made a banner.

If that’s the correct About topic that’s been made a banner then you can open its topic wrench, select Unpin, and choose the Remove Banner Topic at the bottom of the menu. That will remove it from the top of the homepage (as in your first screenshot in the OP).

For the pinned/unpinned for anon versus admin, that topic is a pinned one as it has a little drawing pin icon next to it - however, individuals can pin/unpin it for themselves, or it can be automatically unpinned if you’ve already read it [1]. So for anon it will appear as pinned, where for you it will be unpinned.

Does that make sense?

  1. depending on a couple of settings ↩︎

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Bit complicated, but here is what i did-

I made a new Banner Topic here, and then removed it once again.
This worked better for me, as I could not manually find where this was happening.

Now the disturbing banner is gone. Thanks a lot!


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