How can I remove About pages for categories?

(Kyler Boudreau) #1

I’d like to remove the pinned About topic for categories, and just can’t figure out how to do it. I just want my categories to start with the posts, not an about posts.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

By default, the pinned about post is unpinned when the user reads it, and after some new topics on the category, it disappears on the infite scroll land.

(cpradio) #3

Unpin it and Unlist it. Those topics are your category description, so you can’t/shouldn’t delete them.

(Kyler Boudreau) #4

Thanks. I see where to unpin, but not unlist.

(Mittineague) #5

If you’re looking at the Pin button at topic bottom, that’s the “per user” option.

You want the wrench icon that’s above that.

(Kyler Boudreau) #6

There we go - thanks!