About deactivated account

Hi everyone!

Here’s the thing: we have an SSO authorization, meaning a user gets automatically signed up when going to the forum from our dashboard.

The question: a client of ours wasn’t quite happy about being auto-authorised and requested to delete his account. I guess a complete delete wouldn’t work here, since he might appear on the forum from the dashboard once again and get registered again.

Can I just switch off the notifications for him and deactivate the account? Do you think it will be enough?

Thank you!

Maybe suspend the user? That will keep the user from logging in again.


You might be able to control this via your SSO identity provider, to mark that client’s account so it is not auto-authorized.

Adding: suspending as Jay mentioned will prevent them from logging in and interacting with the site, but I would be concerned it does not meet the criteria the client is asking, which may not want their user information showing up anywhere in the Discourse site. :thinking: