Prevent deleting of abandoned, unactivated accounts?


I’m looking to disable a number of SSO users.

The thread below confirms only those with no posts will be deleted (good), but I’m hoping to prevent all users created/synced via sso from being deleted in discourse no matter what their post count.

I do want discourse to keep deleting spam/invalid accounts.

Is such a thing possible?

You can hide delete button for all users using HTML customization.


Set the site setting purge unactivated users grace period days to 0 to never purge unactivated users automatically :slight_smile:


Hi Vinoth!,
Thanks for the suggestion. In my case its the Discourse system user that I need to modify the behaviour of so I suspect I’ll need something lower level.

My understanding is that setting will stop Discourse (system user) from deleting spam accounts - is that the case?

thanks again to both of you,

This is only about users that registered but never activated their account by clicking the link in the email they got – it has nothing to do with spam per se :slight_smile: