About pasting links (rich text?) feature

Sometime in the last few months (unless I just didn’t notice before), when I copy text that is itself hyperlinked, it will paste the text wrapped in hyperlink markdown instead of just the text. Personally, this feature causes me nothing but headaches. Nine times out of ten I have to then immediately delete the markdown text so that I can just have the text I originally wanted. This is because the fact that the copied text was hyperlinked was incidental, and I generally have no need to copy hyperlinked text like that. I’ve also seen the markdown for bold text and so on pasted, which is also counterproductive most of the time.

So a couple questions:

  1. Is there a forum topic detailing this feature that I can read? I was having trouble finding it in the search.
  2. Would you consider a user setting for pasting plain text instead of rich text? If not, is there anything I can do about this?


You can find more about this here:

FYI, an easy way to avoid this is to use “Paste as plain text” from the right-click menu, or Ctrl+Shift+V.


Great, thank you for the link and the workaround!