About user review function

If users are not approved, can they create a topic?

Is there a way to get all users approved, that is, to deactivate the review feature?

You can toggle must approve users in the admin settings:


No they cannot create topics if they are not approved.


I have already unchecked it on my site. Nevertheless, there are cases where user approval is required.

No. To approve users you must have it checked. :wink:


Have you set one of your categories to require post/topic approval?

But that’s obviously for topics/posts.

I may be a little confused. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean a user still needs approval even though you don’t have ‘approve users’ set on your site? Sometimes the system flags new users because they think they’re spam bots? Is that what you mean?

That’s right!!!
I am sorry that the question is not accurate.

If it’s the typing speed of their first post, you can change that with min first post typing time. I haven’t used it myself though.

Is there any indication of what reason these users need approval?

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thank you for your answer.
I had set it to 300, but I would like to lower it to 10 and see what happens.

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