How to know why posts in the queue require approval?


Is there a way to have a clear idea of why a topic or comment is pending approval?

I understand it could range from a simple “User typing too fast” (bot warning) to profanity. But having the reason behind could save some valuable time when checking extensive comments.

Thanks for the help!

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They are pending approval because the user is TL0 (new user), which means all their posts will require approval until they reach TL1. Are you a category moderator or are you talking about the posts pending approval in general?

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Thanks Thomas,

I am a moderator and understand first time users will require approval until reaching TL1; however there are other identifiers that set posts aside for review. Would it be possible to display either New User or inappropriate word?

We believe this could certainly make it more efficient if we scale our forums mods team.

Thank you!

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When my forum first started, new users (by invite only) were able to post without their posts having to be approved. These were and are my settings under admin/settings/posting

  • Approve post count: 0
    (the amount of posts from a new or basic user that must be approved)
  • Approve unless trust level: 0: new user
    (Posts for users below this trust level must be approved)
  • Approve new topics unless trust level: 0: new user
    (New topics for users below this trust level must be approved)

Just a note that causes a little confusion for the last two settings are the settings say “Approve … unless trust level: 0: new user” but the description below both settings says “… users below this trust level…” will need to have posts/new topics approved. One can’t get any lower than trust level “0”. :smirk:

@deucesrgood, As far as getting a reason listed for each post needing approval, this is something better explain by a team member. A similar discussion was held some time ago about flagged posts needing review and having different reasons shown.

Can you share a screenshot of post/topic approvals that do not show the reason why they are pending approval?

Also, indicate your approval settings if TL- based or Category-based so it is easier to understand.

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