Accept posts by email in certain categories only

I want to allow users that belong to specific private groups to be able to reply to topics via email in certain categories only. Is this achievable and is so how do I set this up?

We do not allow posting by email generally however would like to but only in specific instances: If I have a user group called ‘Advisors’ and I have a category called ‘Advisors Category’ I want the Advisors to be able to use email whilst posting to the Advisors Category. The ‘Advisors Category’ is set up for create/reply/see by ‘Advisors’ group only and permission would only enable them to use email for the ‘Advisors Category’ no other.
I would likely set up each user to ‘watch fist post’ so they know when new topics are created but all advice gratefully received - thanks!

One way would be to only share up the email for that category to the Advisor group members?

Thanks, would that work if I wanted to replicate the ability to email in for a couple of private groups?