Email notifications only for users with answer permission

Hi all,
is it possible to change the settings, so only users that are allowed to answer into a category are receiving email updates for this category, but can still read it on the Discourse plattform?

Use case:
I have implemented Discourse as a communication plattform for an NGO which still mostly works via email communication, so members automatically receive emails for new posts in their groups and can also answer via email.
Working groups are using categories to discuss their work. This working groups should be readable for the extended board members, but these people should not have answer/create permissions. Still, at the moment they receive email updates for every new post and if they answer via mail, they get an error message. this creates confusion. I would like the board members to be able to log in to the plattform and read discussions in groups, they are not part of, if they want, but do not get email notfications for those groups.

Is it possible to achieve this with discourse at the moment? If yes, a hint in the right direction would be appreciated :wink: Thank you!

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You need a custom plugin that will not send them this messages or that adds a header telling them that they cannot respond.

My guess is $500 to $1000.

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Thanks, but unfortunately financially not an option…
But is this really such an exotic use case?

My guess is that yes, it’s rather exotic. Mostly, read-only categories are fairly obvious announce-only categories so that people know not to reply.

The easiest solution would be to either trust your board members to provide useful information (or find a nice way to tell them to shut up :wink: ).