Access admin settings, plugins etc via search?

Hey guys

It would be great if all or certain admin and mod features and procedures (like plugins, settings, theme-components, etc) would be accessible via regular search

Basically that would add a sort of “spotlight or command line”-like feature to the forum search.

That would save ton’s of time for our admins and mods so they don’t have to navigate through the admin menus to find certain things.

Have you tried the search on the admin settings? They search the setting name, description, and value. It already does what you’re asking, best I can tell.

Sorry I was referring not to specific admin/site_settings, but rather having a quick access to admin operations or reports via the core search feature.

Our use case is to quickly get access to: create new group, new category, review queue, house ads, ads and about 10 theme components where we regularly change settings


The new admin sidebar has a nifty filter that more and more things are being added to. Not individual settings, etc as yet, but it’s interesting to see where they take it.

admin sidebar enabled groups

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Can you elaborate on this feature? I cannot find such a filter after enabling admin_sidebar_enabled_groups

or are you referring to custom sections?

The announcement topic is here, though it’s in active development and things are changing reasonably frequently:

The filter is at the top of the sidebar in the /admin section (so not the main site sidebar).

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Is that also part of 3.2 stable or 3.3 beta? I have admin_sidebar_enabled_groups enabled, but don’t see any filter at thet top of the sidebar.

I don’t think the filter will be part of stable as the feature is quite new.

It’s interesting that you get the first portion of the experimental feature to check out on stable, though it’s a shame you’ll have to wait for the rest. Think of it as a teaser. :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what we are heading towards; it’s interesting that you mention “spotlight” because that is one of our inspirations, as well as Wordpress and Squarespace:

As Jammy mentioned, we already have a filter for the links in the sidebar, but:


Absolutely love it! Looking forward to the next update then


Just another UI suggestion: For a future release it would be epic to simply have a hover “star” on each admin menu item to pin the item at the top of the admin sidebar and regular sidebar for future quick access.

here is a mockup:


I’ve thought of this idea too when we implemented the sidebar, before we even had an admin sidebar. It would be so nice to have an easy way to add links to the sidebar.

We went in a different direction with “custom sidebar sections”, which can be added using the :heavy_plus_sign: button in the sidebar footer. This is not yet supported for the admin sidebar but we’ve talked about it.

What admin links would you add to such a custom sidebar, and which would you want available both on the main sidebar and the admin sidebar? And why?

I think every case is different here. We have some specific TC’s which we keep editing to add some extra markup for advertisement and sponsoring clients, then we add new groups and want a shortcut for that plus muting some categories for clients’ sponsored categories which are supposed to stay online but should not show in search.