Access denied on logged out profile link

My profile is at Profile - maiki - talkgroup, and has a link to my votes:

Screenshot_2020-05-16 maiki

But the link is access controlled:

Access Denied
while trying to load /topics/voted-by/maiki.json
Something went wrong. 

I’ve never looked at it logged out before, so this was new to me. Looking at the settings:

voting enabled

Allow users to vote on topics?

voting show who voted

Allow users to see who voted?

voting show votes on profile

Allow users to see their votes in their activity feed?

It kinda seems like “users” are logged in, and it doesn’t mean to show votes to logged out.


  1. Remove the link from logged out view, or
  2. Make it work. :slight_smile:

Oh, also tell me if I’m trippin’ (anyone got voting on and can check their profiles?). :sunglasses:

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