Access rights for moving a topic to another category

Is there a possiblity to set the required user level to move a category to another category? Or is it simply possible to disable the possiblity to move a topic besides you are a admin / moderator?

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Not really. Maybe read about trust levels in Discourse. Trust Level 3 is able to recategorize topics.

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Thank @MarcP. I know that TL>=3 is able to recategorize but, this is not what I want. TL4 would be OK or disable the re-categorize feature completely.

You can not do this at this moment.

Then, this is a feature request :slight_smile:

Or, I will work on this at the weekend.

You can change the settings to reach the Trust Level 3 so that nobody can reach it. Without the TL3 nobody will be able to recategorize the topics except the staff. Then you can assign the TL4 to the users you want to allow to move the topics between the categories.


Yes, this can be done by disabling the trusted users can edit others site setting. See What does the “trusted users can edit others” setting do? for details about the setting.