Restrict Category Editing for Topics

:information_source: Summary Allow to prevent users to edit the category of a topic after its creation
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This component will allow to remove the category selector from both the Title Editing and First Reply Editing so that once a topic has been created in a category, it will stay there.


Editing Title as a user with insufficient Trust Level

Editing First Reply as a user with insufficient Trust Level

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this modification is on the presentation layer which means that it will be running on the client side. If a user disable javascript, it will be possible to edit the category as by the Discourse default behaviour.

This component is meant to restrict who can access the option to change category when editing a topic. By default behaviour, Discourse allow some time to edit a category for Trust Level 0 and Trust Level 1 and a much longer time for Trust Level 2 and higher.

Staff members and Category Moderators, when acting in their categories, will always be able to edit that value and you can specify from which Trust Level users should be allowed as well. Be default it allows from Trust Level 0 to not alter the default functionalities of Discourse. If you want to disable it, you can set it to Trust Level 4 as that level can only be granted manually at this time.

Its modifications are tested for both desktop and mobile devices.