It is possible to remove the ability for level 3 users to recategorize and rename topics?

(Bruno) #1

It is possible to remove the ability for level 3 users to recategorize and rename topics?

If not the solution is then basically removing people who do not know how to use that from Level 3.



Yup, I think so.

You can change this:

I’m pretty sure that if they can’t edit a post that includes name and category changes.

That’s customisable here /admin/site_settings/category/trust

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

I’m not sure whether @hawk is right, but if you don’t want level 3 people to edit topics and recategorize,why do you want anyone to be level 3?

I regularly, but not without trepidation, rename and recategorize posts.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Keep in mind the setting @HAWK shared will affect everyone. If you change that to 4 no users will be able to make an edit to their own posts unless they’re promoted to TL4 and then they can edit any post.

(Bruno) #5

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Until someone was able to get to level 3 when they shouldn’t… and did not have a clue about renaming topic

He basically renamed a title topic as a MESSAGE… like he thought he was sending me something through the title (?!)

I sweat to god.

I locked him now at level 2 because I do want NORMAL people with level 3 to be able to edit topic titles to help out

(Bruno) #6

Humm do you know if this is meant to edit other’s people posts or just your own post?

Cause I do want to let people to edit their own posts.


I don’t sorry. I may be completely wrong – it may not be what you’re after.

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #8

The “min trust to edit post” is global (no distinction between your posts and other’s).

(Bruno) #9


Might be a valid suggestion to have two settings then:

One to edit your own posts…

And another to allow people to edit post from another person (as a moderator, admin TL3+, etc.)

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #10

You can edit your own post by default, no reason to limit this (for recent posts).

(Bruno) #11

But if I change this setting here, min trust to edit post, will it disable a user’s ability (regardless of their level) to edit their own post?

That’s how I understood this works, as it sets as global.

(Jay Pfaffman) #12

I believe that refers to editing your own posts.

Again, if you don’t want people to be able to edit titles or recategorize other people’s posts, don’t let people become level 3.

(Biscuit) #13

There was some uncertainty in the above posts, from earlier.

Are these statements all correct: -

  1. The setting Min trust to edit post (which Hawk posted above) affects all users?

  2. That setting restricts what trust level all users require to: Edit their own post, rename topics & change the category for topics?

  3. There’s currently no built-in setting to turn off topic renaming for all users, except staff?

Can we prevent the topic rename button from appearing for all staff except staff, using CSS customisation?
UPDATE: Hid the pencil under Admin > Customise > Themes, by adding this to the CSS tab.

.title-wrapper .fa-pencil { display: none; }

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #14

@eviltrout recently added a new setting, trusted_users_can_edit_others. Not sure if it prevents title edits, or only prevents edits to the post content. Robin should be able top clarify. New site setting `trusted_users_can_edit_others` · discourse/discourse@69af881 · GitHub

(Mittineague) #15

You would know better than I, but from my quick look at the commits it looks like the code has more to do with the new “lock post” feature than the ability to edit posts in general by TL4 members. (i.e. ensuring only staff can edit posts that have been locked)

But if this is a division of TL4 abilities I am definitely interested in learning the specifics.

(Robin Ward) #16

I suspect you’re looking at the wrong commits. The lock post feature prevents users from editing their posts after staff users edit them.

The commit that @jomaxro linked to prevents TL3/TL4 from being able to edit topics (categories/names) and posts.

(Michael Howell) #17

I have to agree with this. Just set tl3 time period to 9999999999.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Not that high you don’t want to overflow an integer.