Accessibility: Latest posts on category page aren't visible to screen reader

This is split out from the master accessibility thread: Accessibility audit and shepherd for making improvements.

This topic is about the categories page, and the “latest posts” in the righthand column here:

Here’s the report:

This should be in the hierarchy. To be consistent should do it with a heading (another not as good way to solve this could be with a landmark or ARIA tag). This might be different on desktop vs. mobile layouts.

So my understanding here is that the structure of the page after all the headers is “a list of categories” and “a list of latest posts.” The markup here doesn’t indicate that, and so the ways to tackle that are to revise with header tags, to add accessibility landmarks, or to add ARIA tags to communicate that structure to screen readers.



@notriddle awesome, thanks for the help! I’m not sure if I should comment here or on GitHub, but I’ll respond here and let me know if I should move this to the pull request. :slight_smile:

This pull request looks good to me, and like it should help with navigating the “categories” and “latest” on the page. :+1:

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If this looks good @awesomerobot can we pull it in?

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Merged. Thanks @kevinrobinson & @notriddle