Accidentily deleted the main sidebar section

I accidentily deleted the “primary menu” here on meta and now i am wondering how i can get it back.

and the same thing happened in the forum where I am an admin - there I deleted all the sections that appear in the “more” menu and by doing this I lost the option the change the primary menu.

I was looking around here in the forum if others had the same issue but it seems that I am the first who admits it : )


I am not sure how that’s possible. :slight_smile: Could you provide a screenshot to help me see what’s happened?

here are the two photos

I’m not sure it’s related, but I tried to remove all the links from this section. The “Save” button will be disabled unless you have at least one field.

I kept one field, and now I can’t edit the section, as I don’t have the edit icon anymore:


yes, that s exactly what happened on the page that i adminstrate

But on Meta you would not have the option to customize that topic section? I’m still not sure how that’s possible using the UI. Have you by any chance applied any tweaks in your browser @anderer?

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You have it in the More section:

We have it. :slight_smile: I don’t think regular users do?

No, nothing in the Chrome Browser but AddBlock Plus.

Ok, I checked on Safari - Here on Meta the main sidebar was there again. So I logged out on Chrome and an in again - there it was again for Meta. Thanks. The problem on meta was bothering me since a couple of days - so back in that time I had the option to change the main sidebar section … but now i don t have it anymore.

But the problem still persists on Chrome and Safari on my own site - also for other admin accounts. There the “more” is entirely missing as well as the “customize section”

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Oh, I didn’t realize it was an issue as a meta user

Idiot Facepalm GIF

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maybe try safe mode on your site and see if the top menu section and more section re-appear. they can be hidden by code.

no, unfortunately it’s the same and @Canapin also has the same problem

here is my site in safe mode

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Would you mind creating a bug topic explaining that if we remove all the links from the “more” button (I guess this is the issue), it doesn’t show up and we can’t customize this section anymore, leaving a broken section?

Here’s a video of the issue:

Safe mode doesn’t do anything.


Yes will do that later during the day


only way i can think of how to do this for a regular user is by injecting display: none into the code with the inspection dev tool.

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to fix the missing more section and customize button you can install/enable the cakeday plugin that puts the anniversaries and birthdays links in the more section and then it should reappear for you. the cakeday links can’t be removed using the customize in the more drop down. you can disable the cakeday plugin once you’ve fixed your menu. probably works with the docs plugin too but i didn’t check.

nonetheless this is a bug with the more section.


Thank you for reporting this issue. It was fixed in this PR:

After this fix, even when all links from “more” section are deleted, button to customise section is still visible for admins.


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