The "more" menu option for About, FAQ, Badges, Groups is missing on Safari with macOS - but only when logged in

I feel somewhat embarrassed asking this question as I’m sure the answer is obvious.

We’re getting warnings on our dashboard about the legacy navigation menu we’re still using so I’ve been trying to explore the new layout some more.

When in desktop mode, I cannot seem to find any links to the About, FAQ, Badges, Groups etc pages.

This is all I see here on meta:

If I log out, I get an extra option at the top called “Topics”, and another extra option called “More” and I can see they’re now hiding in the “More” section:


But when logged in, I can’t seem to find them at all… :thinking:

To confirm, the links are present on mobile, but missing when using using desktop (unless I log out).

Can someone point me in the right direction please? :person_shrugging:

try safe mode. are you using any components that involve the navigation / hamburger legacy menu? something is hiding your “community” section.

Sorry @Lilly but I meant here on Meta.

We’ve not enabled the changes on our own Discourse yet.

Here’s what I see in safe mode, here on meta:

oh i saw this in another post last week

what browser are you using? i can’t reproduce this.

I can see it ok on try.discourse:

I just can’t see it here on meta.

Ok, not to worry, I guess it’s probably ok :blush:

Safari on macOS Ventura 13.5

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I just tried Chrome on my MacBook, seems fine with Chrome:

Maybe it’s just something unusual about my Safari :blush:

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No extensions installed either:

Maybe another Safari user could share what they see?

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i’m using Safari on iOS 16.6 for ipad and it’s working as expected.

Also fine on my iPad and iPhone :person_shrugging:

Ok, not to worry, at least I know they are actually there and it’s just something usual about my laptop. Thanks @Lilly :blush:

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This is the more puzzling part though:

But when logged in, they vanish.

Have I disabled or something something in my preferences I wonder :thinking: That wouldn’t explain them being visible in Chrome though.

I’ll leave this one here:

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Hmm… possible bug maybe? :thinking:

If I narrow my browser width, to the break point, the extra options of Topics and More and My Posts, do then appear:

Making the browser wider, or even at full screen, results in these menu options all disappearing completely:


I know this might sound lame, but could you try deleting your browser cache? I can’t seem to reproduce this issue after the PR addressing this issue.


Thanks @jordan-vidrine - this cures it :blush:


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