Account confirmation link for new registered users

Hei there!

I have problems with the confirmation link that new users receive.
I use mailgun, the setup of mailgun is correct and works. So sending mails is fine.

The link the users receive looks like this:[.................]
If this link is copied to the browser the confirmation works.

But when the users click on that link, this one is opened:[..............]
And this one won’t work.

The template of that mail looks like this:
Which seems fine.

Why is the link converted like this?

I just tested to reset the password to receive another mail.
All links are converted to htetep://email.anorak .tech/c/RANDOM-NUMER

Thanks, I found the problem.
I configured mailgun to track mails. I just had to deactivate those settings again.

  • Click Tracking Off
  • Open Tracking Off
  • Unsubscribes Off