Account Deletion Request

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This is a theme component to add an account deletion request dropdown to the account page.

The theme component reuse Kris’s awesome code Convert the New Topic button to a have a sub menu - #7 by awesomerobot to add the dropdown. Thank you! :heart:

The dropdown only appears for users if the default Delete My Account is disappears and user can’t delete the account by clicking that button. You can hide the dropdown for staff users with
hide for staff setting.

When user can delete the account :arrow_down_small:
Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 19.53.46

When user can’t delete the account :arrow_down_small:
Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 9.46.10

Clicking on the dropdown it opens two option.

  1. More Info
  2. Account Deletion Request

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 9.48.09

When user can’t send personal message only the More Info option appears :arrow_down_small:
Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 9.46.51

More Info
It will open a modal where you can describe what will happen if the user send an account deletion request.

Account Deletion Request
It will open the composer (personal message) with some preload texts (recipients, title and description).

There are some settings and translation.
Before you activate the theme component you have to change these…

Theme Settings

Theme Translation


Hi, nice idea. Could you add a config option to use anonymization instead of deletion ?



Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: You can do it by simple change the translation.

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I installed the component from the git https address, added it to currently used theme, set its settings (wrote ‘admins’ in the first customizable field).

Yet no user is able to find the button on his preferences pages ‘account’ page.

Hello, is that a staff user? Because it won’t appears to staff.

Edit: Maybe better to appear it for staff too for testing purpose… I made this change. Now it appears to staff too by default but I added a setting to hide the dropdown for staff users.

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I had impersonated as the user also. Whose screen shot was attached.

Now I’ve tested again on admin. But its not appearing.

Do I need to rebuild or something like that before it appears for staff?

It should appear below Save Changes button after you update the theme component.

FWIW It works for me :slight_smile:

Have you attached it to your active themes?


Hadn’t updated the component before, but now it’s updated:

Also applied the component to currently being used theme ‘Light Default’.

Then went into a user’s preferences page thru Admin (myself)'s settings page, but didn’t find the option:

It appears far below. Missed it altogether because its interfering with some other component.
Thank you very much.

I’m giving the screen shot of the same for future users, as to how can this be missed, because of highly bright ‘red’ color of another component:

I’m not an expert on coding even 1%. So to use this component, I’d have to turn that component off. Can you suggest/change something which could move it a bit upwards? Or guide me I can open the component code and make changes to ‘variables’. Not more that!


Oh ok that’s my bad. I use absolute position to put it under the Save Changes button as there is no plugin outlet on that place. I removed the absolute position to fix this now. It will appear above the Save Changes button.

Please update the theme component again.


Oh! You’re great.
Thanks! Otherwise I’d have to choose one of the 2 components.

Now I can use both. Thanks.

P.S. I hope this component button won’t interfere/intercept the default ‘Account Deletion’ button, that is supposed to appear on those user’s pages, which don’t have any posts created by them.

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Nope, it won’t appear for users when the default Delete My Account button active.