Achive repo integration has shown a really powerfull integration into github. I love it. I’ll explain why:

n github there is a lot of information about which projects I’m involved with (stars, forks, watching, etc.) So these are the projects I matter. unfortunately some are on a suboptimal communication efficienty level. They are at home in mailing lists, where newbies file bug reports, and that kind of stuff or ask stackoverflow-type questions. It’s terrible, and as projects grow they get stuck.

So the problem is, impulses are not always followed up from the publisher to change things. (actually probably this happens in many cases)

So what if discourse could do the kind of integration gitter is doing, so it’s just natural and from the lazy man perspective inevitable to use the most modern and advanced discussion tool in the world.

We would just save on endles discussions with tradcionalists, which just are reluctand to value the benefits, because they spend 3 month in setting up their email inboxes and expect everyone else to be willing to do so as well, and that kind of problems.

Convenience is a powerful force & gitter is a very interesting example. If we could have a which would tightly integrate and have a meta navigation (like gitter) to chose the github (-lab, bitbucket, etc.) context and start discussing, this world would become a better place. You know what I mean! :wink:

Explore right now in order to understand fully my point.