Activating admin account from console

I am trying to setup Discourse with one-click installer using droplet over Digital Ocean. I followed all the instructions and have correctly configured the SMTP details. But when I register for the admin account using the front-end installer, I am not able to receive the email.

I read a tutorial where it is mentioned that if the email doesn’t land in the mailbox, I can still activate the account and set the user as admin using the following commands using the console:

cd /var/discourse
sudo ./launcher enter app
rails c
user = User.find_by_email("<admin_email>")
user.admin = true
user.approved = true

I am able to run the commands up to the fourth line. After running the fourth command, it finds and displays the user details. But I am not able to enter the next command. There’s this colon “:” and when I reach the end of the displayed details, “(END)” is written. I can’t type and run the further commands to activate the user.

After rails c, there’s this [1] pry (main) > thing. I am not so much acquainted with the command line. Please help me out.

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When the colon appears, press q to get back to a prompt, and type the next command.


Thanks. It resolved the issue.

If you’re not receiving mail, then mail is not correctly configured.

You seem to have solved your account creation problem, but the recommended way to create an admin account and password is

. /launcher enter app
rails c
rake admin:create

That will allow you to

  • create an account
  • change an account password
  • assign admin to an account

This worked great! Note that the rails c is not necessary for running the rake commands.