Finishing installation manually?

I’m having some trouble finalizing some SMTP issues on a server and want to move forward with finalizing the installation manually while I sort out the other issues since another team member would like to continue on with effort that doesn’t pertain to the SMTP server issues.

I was able to activate the admin user manually by doing this:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

# Inside Rails with Pry:
> u = User.find_by_username_or_email('admin_user@domain.tld')
> u.activate
> quit

However when I visit the site, (eg domain.tld) I still get the “Congratulations, you installed Discourse!” page. I can still only press the [Register] button.

How do I manually trigger the system to move past this step so that normal system usage can begin?

You need to have one user that is am administrator. After you enter the container.

rake admin:create

@pfaffman thanks for that. Worked great.

When I tried to use the same email address, it said the password was already set (as it was). I went ahead and changed the password via rake admin:create as per the prompt and then likewise granted admin privileges to the account. After this was done I revisited the main site and lo and behold Discourse came up properly and did not take me back to the setup process.

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