Activation emails go to spam

This is my 3rd time installing Discourse and I’m experiencing this issue for the first time. Whenever you make an account, the activation email goes to spam’s folder. Already tested with Gmail and Hotmail. Mail-tester shows 10/10. Our email domain is

this likely has to do with your domain name being on a blacklist. Take a look at and see how the email address you send from rates.


I meant Mail-tester in my post, my bad. Our score is 10/10.

That’s strange indeed.

I would open a ticket with your mail service.

Have you tried multiple accounts? It could be that you did something in your own filters to mark the domain as spam.

Often this is due to incorrect SPF/DKIM records on the domain. Mail still goes through, but if they’re not 100% correct, major email providers will cause it to go to spam.


I’m following the exact same steps every time. Even helped a friend with their forum. Never had a problem.

Already opened a ticket with Mailgun. They said everything looked fine on their side.

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Which mail inbox service? For example Outlook / Hotmail is notorious for silently discarding email it does not like.