Email not working properly

Using Digital Ocean one click app. I setup mail and tested SPF Text Record and DKIM Record are fine using Showed everything fine.

Initially I tried mailgun- showed my domain disabled from the start even when verified.
I tried mailjet- locked my account for verification says 2 days.
Sendgrid has no free version to try. Not wanting to pay for it and it locks account or doesnt work.

I followed thru everything on putty just fine.

Get this: Thanks! Discourse has now been configured. Create an account via the web interface for the email address to continue. root@discourse#

Looks good when i go to the site. Attempt to create account with that email under user admin and it doesnt allow it. Create account with different username instead.


You’re almost done! We sent an activation mail to Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

If it doesn’t arrive, check your spam folder, or try to log in again to send another activation mail.

and nothing. i try to sign in again and resend the acitivation email and still nothing. Under sparkpost summary i get targeted to that .io domain 2 times which is what it should be but see nothing whatsoever. How can I check this?

I think you can contact Spakpost Customer Services. Previously, I open account with spakpost, domain well vertify, but it cannot send mail like your case. then I send a ticket to help. and they check that my domain manually, it blocked. and they told me that my domain cannot enable because the policy.

I’m using mailgun now, when I opened account, it was blocked too. I asked a sale guy, and I explained clearly about the purpose of using email and website. Finally, they unlock my account and accept my domain.

:slight_smile: hope it useful

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I sent support tickets to all three about the accounts and havent heard anything back. Hopefully I hear something soon. 30 min install takes all day with email bs lol

if you want to install discourse for test or small community… You can try Zoho Mail Free Plan for alternative, it easy to register and it work fine with Discourse. I tested

Id hate to end up with more problems later not having a good enough email service. Would be nice to turn it off and not require email activation from the start. I maybe have 300 active users now on site not to mention tapatalk. So i need enough to at least cover them and any spam bots that try to get thru.

Just an update. It was the email service. I went with sendgrid and redid my droplet with new info. Worked fast and perfectly to get me in.